Simple Retail Marketing Analytics

Customer Portfolio Management

Retail marketing is a tricky game. Whoever knows their customers the best is going to win.  Customer Portfolio Management powers your retail business with 6 strategic portfolios to allocate resources, drive revenues and profits.

Revenue density is a real thing.  The difference between the top 20% of your file and the bottom 20% of your file is stark.  But each quintile and portfolio serves a different purpose.  Set an Appointment and let’s talk about how customer portfolio management can power your retail business.

Elevate your Retail Marketing analytics

Attrition Migration is the Core of Customer Portfolio Management in Retail Marketing Analytics.  One report to see value creation and loss across 6 core portfolios: New, Reactivated, Declining, Growing, Stable, and Defected.

No time to plan?  Then you are planning on throwing away money.  Attrition Migration takes a day to deliver and aligns your business to serving portfolios of customers instead of generic ones.

Category Indexing Informs Cross and Up Sell

While not all customers are the same, you can see how high value customers index in your catalog and how to increase penetration, deepen customer relationships and extend lifetime value using category indexing.

Ideal for creating bundles, extending the lifetime value of a customer and embedding your brand with customers.

segmentation drives incremental performance

You can keep shifting sales around and putting a blank check into the pockets of all of your customers.  But it’s really not driving the incremental performance you need to truly grow.

Retail Marketing Analytics informs your segmentation and helps you isolate homogeneous buying groups using basket analytics to drive incremental unit and transaction behaviors that fuel real, profitable growth.

Customer Behavior Image

2x the transactions of the average.

Almost 4x the transactions of the bottom quintile

A lower UPT and a Higher AUR

Averages are deceiving.  Segmentation reveals disparity in transactions, units, and unit price.  And that’s where offer orchestration drives incremental value – lifting units, price or transactions through strategic targeting and offer management.

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Better Marketing Starts Here

25 years in retail marketing, you learn a few things.  It’s fun watching up and coming retail marketers learning a few things from those of us who have been there before.

If you need help with your e-commerce or multi-channel business with customer analytics, you are in the right place.

I bring the knowledge and insight of 17 $1billion plus brands into the hands of day to day marketers.  From data collection, to data mart/warehouse design, to segmentation, selection and reporting, all the way into advanced analytics. Let me show you your customers in ways you have never seen them before.

Set an appointment and lets get to work.