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We developed the 7Figure Growth Pathway after working with more than a dozen consultancies on how they transition from a 5-figure side hustle to a 7-figure sustainable business.  There are four core components: brand, content, partners, and recurring revenue streams.  If you are ready to change how you work and focus on growth, contact TBG Marketing today for a free consult.

Growth Marketing for Consultancies

We are a growth marketing agency focused on the growth and profitability of management consultancies. We help you build your brand into a demand generation machine with highly qualified leads for large dollar value deals.  We use a process called the 7Figure Growth Pathway that we have perfected over the last 10 years.  We move management consultancies from side hustles and 5-figure incomes to a 7-figure and greater consultancy.  If you are ready to stop chasing everything that comes across your door, let us show you how to build a disciplined sales pipeline in 18 months.

The Five Stages of Consultancy

Our initial engagement is to assess where you are on the 5 Stages of Consultancy.  Once the assessment is complete and reviewed, we have solutions to move your consultancy from where you are to where you want to go.


Tactical consultation or services.  email Marketing, digital ads management, payroll management, etc.


Functional consultation or service.  Fully managing marketing, finance, accounting, HR as a service.


Operational consultation or services.  Running a marketing, finance, HR, operations team.


Strategic consultation and service.  Guiding clients on strategy, auditing and delivering the strategy.


C-Suite Advisory consultation, mentoring, board of advisors, or executive coaching services.

The 7Figure Growth Pathway

Growth is Not Accidental. Growth is not Random. Success is Planned and Executed.


The McKinsey & Co. Brand Equity System enables you to control and focus your content and communications for your specific niche.

We have a system to help you build your professional brand over 18 months that will help you niche a market and build a powerful brand.


The convergence of Owned, Paid, and Earned Media Drives Growth.  But the three should NOT be equal.  

Exceptional Growth and profitability will not come from using franchised content.  You are not in control of the content and that will limit your earning.  We show you how to build a content strategy to have Owned Media drive new clients and revenues.


No longer a “state” secret – recurring revenues are required to hit the 7Figure Growth Pathway.

If your first consulting gig was from someone you know, how many people do you know who can get you to 7Figure growth?

Recurring revenues set a foundation of growth and migrating your consultancy along the 7Figure Growth Pathway.

Want to find out what we are all about?  Follow me on LinkedIN – I talk extensively about marketing and specifically about marketing for consultancies.  Demand generation, lead qualification, content marketing and more.  

I am a 30-year sales and marketing veteran having helped more than 40 brands cross the 7Figure threshold.  Is yours next?  TBG Marketing has been remote since day 1.

Though we be little, we are fierce!

 Find out how we can drive your consultancy over the 7Figure line and beyond with agile growth marketing in the 7Figure Growth Pathway.

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