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Consumer Database Marketing Services

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Intelligent Acquisition

Revise digital advertising audiences with granular buying behaviors, create suppressions and drive ad performance.

Powerful Retention

Retention comes in many forms, incremental spend, incremental units, incremental transactions or all of the above. Power retention with your marketing database.

Optimize Inventory & Assortment

From category indexing to diminishing returns on excess inventory, optimize your purchases and skus using consumer data to forecast consumption.

Improve Profitability

Sophisticated analytics on discount usage and adoption for conversion to optimize offer architecture and delivery.  Right list, right offer, right creative.

Bring all of your data from all of your platforms into one place.  Synthesize, enhance, analyze and deploy to improve customer acquisition, customer retention and customer experiences with your retail brand across channels using consumer database marketing services.

The original customer data platform
a marketing database

First Party Data

You have a large digital footprint scattered across the internet. Bring your data to one place to analyze and power growth.


Enhncing, structuring and integrating data to support marketing operations, customer analysis, offer orchestration and touchpoint management.


Aggregate data to create dynamic customer metrics like sales velocity, lifetime values, responsiveness, brand duration and much more.

Analytics Data -> Information

Moving data to information and then writing it back to create knowledge and experience. A unified look at customers.


The data and information is useless if not put to action. Push data back to platforms to segment, target and engage consumers.

Customer Portfolio Managment

Organize your customers into classes of customers and macro segments to monitor value creation and loss in one view across the business.

Integrated Campaign Analytics

No more moving 5 sources to a single workbook. Query your data with sophisticated tools and post it to dashboards to socialize results.

Advanced Analytics

Inventory optimization, persona development, discount optimization, store location analytics, bundle development, machine learning

Executive Dashboards

Not what is happening by products, but by customers. Align your business with KPI's and share them with easy mobile access.

What if?

Adhoc analytics to solve common everyday problems, look for new solutions, test new campaigns and get the answers to drive growth.

Built by Retailers for Retailers

In the most challenging retail environment in decades, marketing resources must be efficiently used.  Consumer Database Marketing Services draws on more than 4 billion consumer contacts, $300MM+ in incremental profits and 20 years of helping retailers build strong, durable, profitable customer portfolios. 

Multi Tenant databases use a single table structure to map data to while using table and column level access controls to secure data privacy.


  • Efficiency in data storage and structure – SaaS platforms have common structures easy to map and maintain
  • Cost – multi tenant applications are easier to secure and scale up and down in shared resources in the cloud.  With multiple failovers and redundant instances, your database is on 24/7 working to to build your business.
  • Cost – aggregate consumer tables (consumer record stored once, but siloed to merchants) enables economies of scale in enhancements and appends with savings passed to merchants.
  • Shared algorithms – many database processes can update and maintain multiple instances of the database simultaneously, reducing expense and the need for multiple administrators.


A single tenant instance is a lone installation of your marketing database.  All database schemas and structures are maintained in a separate repository with separate API access, security and administration.


  • Single data instance – data access is reserved to the instance solely for you as a merchant
  • Single resource repository – a single tenant is installed in it’s own instance and containers and physically isolated from outside users.
  • Customization – single tenant instances can be highly customized vs. multi-tenant installations.  This can be useful if you have very specific and unique data requirements.


  • Higher operating cost as storage, cpu utilization and other components no longer receive the benefits of a scaled application.
  • Incremental costs in maintenance and data enhancement vs shared multi-tenant applications.

A Solo Configuration is an affordable alternative for many merchants.  Your data is synced to our multi-tenant instance and Google Looker is configured to access that instance.  


  • Low cost – the relatively low cost of synchronizing data is manageable for many merchants
  • Templated reporting – we push a number of reporting templates out of the box to help you manage your customer portfolios.


  • Data enhancements – none are included
  • Scoring algorithms – non included
  • Limited Support Desk – limited to regular business hours
  • Self service querying and reporting – 1 week of on-boarding with Looker to get you started

What keeps 7-figure retailers from 8 figures?

In two words: Customer Intelligence
Whoever knows the customer best is going to win - every, single, time.