How The Dreamcatchers* Recording Studio Stepped Up for Growth

How The Dreamcatchers* Recording & Production Studio took their passion for music to new heights with the TBG Marketing Small Business Accelerator

Google Display Remarketing | Recapturing High Value Customers

Google Remarketing is one of the hottest tools in marketing automation today. Tracking customers on pages and then inserting them into the Google Display Network to recapture them for conversion is both cost effective and highly lucrative. Here are 8 ways to make remarketing work for your business.

Marketing Qualified Leads

Accelerating the Sales Pipeline with Marketing Qualified Leads Yields Higher Close Rates, Greater Sales Productivity and Higher Profits. Let TBG Marketing Qualify Your Sales Leads with Marketing Automation Services.

What is a Marketing Qualified Lead?  A Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) is a lead that has been processed using marketing tools to ensure that the lead is ready to move forward in the sales pipeline.

3 Marketing Automations for Any Business

Automate Your Customer Thank You Process and Manage Brand Reputation in One Step

It’s not often that you find something that many businesses can use and use effectively to manage customers and customer relationships. Marketing Automation allows you to engage, nurture and groom customers to become Advocates for your business using digital personalization.

Branded Content Marketing to Drive Sales Engagement

Content marketing is the fuel to SEO growth. Branded Content marketing is about building your brand as the solution of choice to target customers with customized branded content tools.