Key Measure Reporting to Manage e-Retail Business

Understanding Customer Basket Composition Enables levers to Drive Sales and Growth

The number one question that always seems to befuddle small e-Retailers is “How well do you know your customers?” Join TBG Marketing at TBG Talk and learn about the Retail Strategic Profit Model and how to align Customer Insights to the model to drive profitable growth.

Enterprise Data Warehouses, Are You Winning or Losing?

Server Room Processing Terabytes of Data

The biggest impact on marketing over the last 15 years has been the proliferation of data among new sources like digital and mobile that provide insight into behavior and social activity.  For many companies, the challenge is the integration of databases to optimize understanding of the customer, assess value, target investments, and manage communications on products, prices, services and promotions so that you have the right offer at the right time in the right channel to the right customer.