Intensive Sprints

Aggressive Focused Training, Learning, Planning and Reviews

Intensive Sprints - Strategy, Planning, Learning, Optimizing

Intensive Sprints are rapid fire strategy, planning and execution workshops on-site.  The objective of an intensive sprint is to review the previous sprint for what worked, what did not, what was won, what was lost and how we are tracking on goals and KPI’s across the business.  The Intensive Sprint is a rapid pace to keep teams focused on results, and owning their function while seeing how their work intertwines with the rest of the business to drive accelerated growth performance. 

Hyper Focused Growth Marketing Sessions

How they Work

  1. Intensive Sprints are on-site reviews of the strategic plan, they are goal driven on the tactics, brand, creative, offer and targeting.  We encourage your team to work concurrently with our team on content, design, creative, digital assets, CRM execution, reporting and monitoring.
  2. We socialize marketing, sales, KPI’s and business goals to create alignment in the organization and the pieces are fit together so that every function in the business understands their role in contributing to rapid fire growth and higher profitability.  The sessions are quick fire and teams have their own KPI’s that drive the business KPI’s linking the strategy together.
  3. Our 6Q framework lays out what is coming up next, what may get moved up or back while still tracking to the end of period goals and metrics.  If we have to give on something this period, we pick it up in the next period.  The 6Q framework also aligns to the corporate strategic plan that is a longer term engagement of growth through acquisition, retention and cross selling.
  4. Culture sets the behavior that drives performance.  In the Intensive Sprint we review the Culture of the business – behaviors, beliefs and outcomes.  Are they still aligned?  Are teams sticking to the culture?  Is the culture empowering teams to own their 20 square feet and execute?  If not, we look at the impediments and move them out of the way.

What to Expect

  1. Intensive Sprints are…
    1. Rapid fire, overwhelmingly optimistic and positive and nurturing and encouraging.
    2. They develop the brand and business even when you have a program fail, because we take failure and turn it into success the next time around.
    3. Energize teams and focuses them on achieving results by building trust in them to have the confidence to execute without fear.
    4. Take the temperature of the business: Are we aligned?  Is everyone engaged?  Do we know what is next?  Do we have an eye on what is coming after next?  Are we laying the groundwork to hit goals this sprint that also enables next sprint.  They are systemic and operational; but also inspirational and agile.
  2. Expect a fast pace.  Don’t dwell on the negative or get too caught up in the celebration.  Find your wins, celebrate your team, and move on to the next challenge.  Stay focused, stay aligned, know your role and do your job with +2 ability.
  3. We work with purpose; we work with goals both personal and professional; we align those goals to the business and that is how you know you are in the right place or in a place where you need to step up.  An Intensive Sprint is a Pause, Reset, and Step Up and go again.

Ready to Sprint Out of The Gate?

Intensive Sprints are extremely powerful because they drive the culture, they drive excitement, they encourage the business to exceed expectations and they stay focused on the positive that teams and individuals bring to the effort.  Our Culture has a rule – No Assholes.  People who are negative and stuck ina Fixed Mindset are going to feel uncomfortable.  People who are engaged and armed with a Growth Mindset are going to feed off the sprints.  Accelerated growth is not mean, it’s aggressive, and not for everyone.  Think it’s right for you? Check out our Growth Qualification form and see if your business is ready to roar.

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