Executive Consulting & Advisory

Two Heads Are Better Than One

You Can Got It Alone - But You Don't have To

Executive Consulting provides you with another set of eyes, years of experience and inquisitive “what if” review to determine growth prospects for your business.  Is your organization strong enough and focused on growth?  Do you have a culture that focuses on growth?  Are people compensated for achieving growth?  Is your market sizable enough for growth and what to expect?  Executive consulting services help you managing your organization and ownership and can even provide board of advisor services to help you review business decisions and guide your growth.

Our Executive Consulting Services

We offer a wide variety of consulting and advisory services.  Here’s what we offer and what you can expect.


  • Business and Marketing Planning
  • Board of Advisor Services
  • Market & Customer Research
  • Brand Positioning
  • Strategic Roadmaps
  • Performance Goals
  • Organizational Readiness


  • Business review including go to market strategies
  • Talent review and assessment to marketing peers
  • Technology infrastructure and development goals
  • Strategic planning and forecasting for growth.
  • Marketing Audit – Looking for Cost Efficiencies
  • Sales Pipeline Review – hidden deal values

Executive consulting is primarily aimed at your senior team and you as the owner to help you have a fresh set of eyes on what you are doing and where you are going and where you could go to increase sales, revenues, and profits.  We have an average of 32 years of experience in business and more than 40 years collectively in owning and operating small businesses.  

Ready to get to work?

We have very affordable rates for our consulting services and often quote you a project rate that fits your needs and helps you align your business for sustainable growth.  

So let’s talk – contact a consultant with TBG Marketing today and let’s work toward a brighter future for your business.

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