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Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

Popular saying but off the mark.  Culture sets the behavior you expect in your organization to ACHIEVE your strategy.  Culture by itself can run an organization to exceptional growth.  Until it doesn’t anymore.  99% of our clients have neither a business plan nor a marketing plan.  “They take too much time.”  The purpose of a strategy and plan is two-fold: 1.  what are your near-term goals and needs; and 2. what are your long-term goals and vision.  Growth Marketing requires strategy and a plan or you will quickly find it does not work for your business.  We can help.

Strategy & Planning

Strategy and planning is not hard to do and when done properly it give you a path to deliberate, disciplined, sustainable growth.  Strategy and planning aligns the organization to growth.  It gives targets to all business units and it enables individuals to see how they fit into the bigger picture of exceptional performance.  There are three basic steps: Who Are You?  What do You Want To Be?  How Do We Get There?

Core Values

  • Company Values
  • Required Behaviors

Envisioned Future

  • Current Market Position
  • Future Market Position

Plan to get There

  • 6Q Quarterly Plan & Goals
  • Adjacency Model & Long-Term Goals

Our Strategic Planning takes the first 2 components and we help you build the third one.  Growth Marketing without a plan is a recipe for disaster.  Is the organization ready to grow?  Really ready to grow?  What does growth look like?  Do you chase everything or do you look for niche markets to own and build from?  Once we know the Values and Vision the rest is building a strategy and then backing into the tactics and executing.  We use a rolling 6Q plan that spans fiscal periods and makes planning a quarterly update instead of an annual process.  We use an adjacency model to identify new market, segments, customers, products, services or acquisitions you might make along the way to get to your future market position.

Ready to Get Started?

Our Strategy & Planning takes 30 days to assess your market position, help you define your future and then map a path forward.  You get a rolling 6Q plan, an adjacency plan and a marketing plan with tactics and timing.  A disciplined, methodical, agile approach to getting you to your envisioned future.

Put us to work – the plan alone will knock your socks off and the culture of growth we help you build and deliver will get your business moving forward.  Contact a consultant today.