Campaign Execution & Analytics

On-going Monitoring with Quarterly and Annual Reviews

Professional Campaign Design, Execution, Analysis & Reporting

The vast majority of small businesses do not measure or analyze marketing expenditures.  Most small business owners retain insights to themselves or the organization lacks the infrastructure, talent, or experience to analyze performance.  Execution and Analysis go hand in hand because the analysis will drive the execution of what is working, who it is working for, and where it is working.  It will also identify what is not working and how dollars might be reinvested elsewhere to achieve better outcomes.  It takes discipline to run accelerated growth to measure execution on sales, delivery, retention to ensure the business is not generating churn and sustaining the growth it is experiencing.

Data Driven Personalised Marketing Campaigns


  • Proforma Forecasting – Target Campaign Results
  • CRM Driven Personalization
  • Incremental Sales & Profits
  • A/B and Multivariate Testing
  • Muti-Channel Communications
  • Marketing Qualified Leads to Sales Qualified Leads
  • Pipeline Management and Forecasting
  • Executive Dashboard Tracking
  • Sales Velocity Analytics by Segment


  • Weekly Sales Touchbase & Review
  •  Weekly marketing Team Touchbase Review
  • Formalized Business Process for Execution
  • Quarterly Sprints – Review, Plan, Adjust & Adapt
  • Team building with Sales and Marketing
  • Skill Development and Professional Training
  • Growth Mindset Training – Opportunity Identification
  • Accountability and Reliability for Wins and Losses
  • Focus on Growth and Future Goals

Professional campaign execution, reporting and analytics become second place after 90 days.  The business processes are identified and refined and recorded.  What we record, we can improve.  Common knowledge of customers and increased skills with a culture focusing on growth.  Inbound and outbound marketing and sales come together at 6 months and the organization begins to hit its stride and raise expectations.

Ready to Build Professional Campaign Execution & Analytics?

Marketing is a discipline that listens to and learns about customers and takes that knowledge to build campaigns and communications that relate and connect with customers.  This inbound marketing.  Outbound marketing will build sales collateral materials, go to trade shows and events, and work to bring customers to the business.  The combination of the two is neither solely digital nor direct.  The best strategy understands the cost to acquire a customer, the margin needs of the business, and the lifetime value of the customer to build better and smarter campaigns.

Ready to build professional marketing campaigns to drive your business?  Contact a Consultant with TBG Marketing today.

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