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Website, Web & Mobile Applications for Competitive Advantage

Digital Design & Development for Competitive Advantages



If you built a website for your business and nothing happened, now you understand why.  Organizations look at websites as a must have and the reality is your web presence must be a marketing platform.  Your digital footprint is increasing in importance and a “website” can be built by anyone.  Your site has to educate and convert.  It has to provide information on customers and prospects.  It has to increase the value of customer relationships.  it has to do all of that in that order.

How We Use Digital Design

Competitive Advantage


Custom web or mobile applications are useful when creating a clear competitive advantage. 

  • First Mover Advantage
  • Market Entry Advantage
  • Pricing Advantage
  • Product/Service Feature Advantage

New Revenue Streams


Digital design and development applications can also provide new revenue streams: 

  • Recurring Revenue Streams
  • SaaS Solutions
  • Product Up-Sells and Cross-Sells
  • Adjacent Product Offerings

Improving Customer Delivery


Increasing Customer Delivery can produce profits and shift customers:

  • Higher Customer Satisfaction
  • Higher Customer Retention
  • Lower Cost to Acquire
  • Higher Referral Rates

Building a Better Mousetrap

A core tenet of Growth Marketing is differentiation in the market.  Simplifying business, providing new services and tools, accessing new markets and segments in a disciplined, methodical and agile approach.  Digital technology will continue to change and improve the way  we live and work.  Digital technology that is barely noticeable and provides great value is easily adopted and creates new opportunities.

Our strategy often includes digital applications that provide greater customer value to market segments.  While other agencies pound out digital ads, emails and content that overwhelms, digital applications that solve problems are harder to replicate and provide sustainable growth.  Our team analyzes your business and how your customers work with you to find those opportunities and map them into the strategic plan.  Build a better mousetrap and you will catch more mice.

Strategic Digital Design & Development

The path forward includes getting in front of the digital transformation and bring it to the market instead of the market bringing it to you.  The Growth Mindset looks for opportunities to acquire new customers, enter new markets, provide incremental services and drive exceptional growth.  

Let us show you how digital design and development can create clear advantages and significant growth for your business.  Contact TBG Marketing today and speak with a consultant.

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