Growth Marketing Managed Services

Growth Marketing Managed Services

Digital marketing talent is a costly investment and a digital marketing team in social media, digital advertising, customer relationship management, demand generation and email marketing is a full stack team that costs upward of $500k in salaries and benefits.  So if you want to stay lean then our Managed Services are the right service for your growth marketing.  You provide the will and we will provide the way with fully hosted and serviced digital marketing services including digital property design and development, full stack digital marketing and advertising and integrated marketing strategy and campaigns that will pump your business forward at a rapid pace

How Do Managed Services Work?

Our managed solutions enable TBG Marketing to assume the leadership of marketing and sales teams for your organization and align them with delivery focused on short term goals and long term objectives.  Here is some of what you can expect:

Every Managed Service client has a dedicated account team to streamline marketing production, execution, analysis, reporting and performance.  The team includes designers, CRM analysts, strategists and a senior director to manage growth.

Marketing Qualified Leads are the beginning.  They are leads interested in your products and services.  Demand Qualified Leads include an intent to buy in a pre-specified period of time.  

Our team has expertise in content development and marketing including customer centric content to focus on niche markets with value propositions that resonate and engage leads using their tems and terminology.

Digital applications enable businesses to engage customers, automate business processes and build proprietary tools that give advantages to win market share from web design to mobile and web applications.

Integrated marketing communications include digital ads, digital content, e-mail marketing, social media marketing, direct mail marketing, high impact mailings, trade shows, public relations, story telling, podcasting and video blogs.

Every client receives access to our marketing WIKI – a form of knowledgebase that tracks all campaign activity and performance including creative, offers, segmentation, results and reporting.  Manage your history to improve your future.

Our signature delivery is a long-term, 3-5 year vision, transformed into a short term six (6) quarter roadmap to plan activities and campaigns, technologies and skills for organizational growth.

We measure everything from customer sentiment to campaign performance, sales velocity and service performance and roll it up to the overall business KPI’s to keep the business on track for accelerated results.

Every client has access to a cloudbased dashboard that allow tracking campaigns, delas, sales, site traffic, KPI’s and progress toward goals.  The cloud platform is built on Google Data Studio to integrate results into a single solution.

What Can your Team Expect?

Our role as the leader of Growth Marketing is to enable your team to perform, socialize information about customers and marketing efforts, nurture your team in tools, technologies and processes and coach the team to focus on positive outcomes for all customers.  Here are a few things to expect:

Fast, Agile, Learning, Growth Orientation

  • Intensive Sprints – we work using intensive sprints that align the organization to strategy and goals, highlight their roles, looks forward to “what is next” and looks back at wins and losses.  Intensive Sprints are about learning, growth, and enablement.
  • Accountability – Clarification of roles, expectations, performance, and delivery are all keys to accountability.
  • Learning & Sharing – We create a learning and sharing environment to enable teams to work together and anticipate needs by understanding how their roles impact growth.
  • Opportunistic – Opportunities are assessed by how well they meet short term goals, long term goals or both.  A culture of Growth looks for Opportunities to acquire customers, improves processes, and improve profitability and quality.
  • Alignment to Strategy – People are not KPI’s.  Growth Marketing shows individuals what they are achieving and building toward the purpose of the organization.  Pride of ownership and involvement builds stronger performance.

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