Customer Intimacy as a Strategy

Whoever Has the Best Customer Analytics is Going to Win

Customer Analytics for the 3 Keys to Growth: Lift | Shift | Retain

SImple strategy. Simple focus. Simple growth.

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The marketing toolkit today is rife with technology.  But the best strategy is not SMS/TXT or email, but identifying the types of customers in your file and determining the best path to growth.  This requires the of customer analytics to identify opportunities, understand customers and buying behaviors and capture growth.

  • 65% of retail growth comes from existing customers.
  • 20% of existing customers are 70% of retail sales.

Knowing these metrics for your e-commerce or omni-commerce business is the first step to understanding the sources of growth.

Tracking Migration

You Have Never Seen Customers Analytics Like This

Let the customers speak to you through their buying behaviors.  No more seeing what you want to see.  See how they buy and what they buy and the path to growth appears.

Tracking Migration is an interactive tool with drill down insights and the ability to select customers for up-sell and cross-sell campaigns.  Extend customer relationships by increasing the depths of categories they shop and buy and understand the price points the customers respond to and how to improve basket behaviors.

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Understand the Levers of the Shopping Cart

Key Measures: Units, items and price

The three levers of shopping carts are the foundation of all marketing offers – add more items, add new items, change the price.  Understanding the Average Order Value (AOV) at a customer segment level is an insight into buying behaviors and discretional income.  

Aggregate Data is the start of the story

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...but the Devil is in the Details

A Simple Segmentation shows Spending Density
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And a Simple Drill Down Shows the Best of the Best
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Customer Analytics to Fuel Your Growth

We offer a selection of 40 different analyses that help you quickly segment your customers, select them into a campaign or score them and send them to CRM or a marketing automation platform.


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