Let's Build Revenue Driving Content

Demand Generation is the process of building and grooming an audience for conversion.  Our Content Production services help you produce and distribute podcasts, vlogs, audio e-books, vidcasts, live stream productions, digital courses, and customer stories to engage, educate and attract customers to your business.

Inbound Marketing is Demand Generation & Demand Capture

It’s not enough just to podcast or produce a vlog to generate demand.  You have to CAPTURE the demand as well.  That happens using ads, social media, or conversion tools on your website.  Your site has to be prepared to make the conversion simple and painless to capture the demand when the buyer is ready.

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Build Awareness and Interest with Top of Funnel Activities

Top of Funnel (TOFU) activities include, but are not limited to, podcasting, vidcasting, vlogs, audio e-books, books, position papers, high domain authority guest posts, and social media content distribution.  During the Awareness and Interest phases you personal brand is building Trus, Authority, Affinity and Aspiration that draws customers to your business.

top of funnel content

Intent Can Occur on and Off Your Owned Digital Properties

Referrals and conversations in Slack Channels, social media threads, etc that can elude your tracking, even email sharing, help drive and solidify intent.  High value content like “how we work” as a video watched to conclusion illustrates an interest or intent to work with you.  We help you identify those points to score customers with the highest intent.


Engage and Close can occur on your site or in social media

When it’s time to engage and close a customer, your site has to be ready to ease the buying process.  If you offer bundles and products, customers can select them in a calendar and book them with an on-boarding session.  Our job is to ensure that the business processes of engage, convert and on-board are seamless and automated and the customer experience is captured.


No Two Customer Journeys Are the same

Attribution is both an art and a science.  And incredibly flawed and wasteful.  The best approach is looking at content that is working and resonating with customers, understanding the core components of the content, and how that translates to customer intent.  The goals and objectives of customers may vary and the content you use to capture them may help illustrate that providing one of many funnels to conversion.


Podcasting is growing rapidly but is still relatively small compared to the number of blogs. Production, engineering and distribution help you put together a well planned and delivered demand generation tool.


Vidcasting has the added benefit of being an audio visual product that is ideal for breaking content into segments and distributing key points into Social Media to reinforce concepts and further nurture audiences.

Audio e-Books

Audio e-Books are an emerging tool that allow readers to digest your content while doing other activities and also be able to rewind and reoplay salient points. Professionally mixed, mastered and distributed.


Vlogging is an overlooked tool. The ability to create 2-3 minute snippets to illustrate a single point and then tag it for search can help people find you in a crowd. Insert the snippets into blog posts to mult-thread content and engagement.

Course Production

Everyone has a course. And a course is a method for a person to "try before they buy" your services. They can learn from you, see how you work and communicate and determine if you are right for their needs.

Customer Stories

Testimonials are contrived. Customer Stories connect with customers who might have similar journeys and how your product or service solved problems for them. Unscripted, professionally guided.

Questions I get asked

The short answer is - I don't.  I am a solopreneur and have been for 10 years.  I use 1099 contractors to support clients and get work done professionally.

Several things drive my rates:

  1. My financial needs are met
  2. Automation and process drive efficiency
  3. Sourcing with consistent contractors creates stability

Not necessarily.  We have a plan that include content and copy writers to help you handle the volume.  We also by default help you with production and that is a system of producing consistent content using topics, subtopics and threads.

Who you think your customers are and who they actually are may be two different things.  We develop Ideal Customer Profiles and match Personas to them so your content is written for them.  As you audience converts we adapt and adjust.

Part of being a solopreneur is learning how to sell and close customers.  Our Marketing Collective is specifically there to help our clients share stories, tips and tools on how they convert and sell.  Some of our clients might even be contractors to you to help you sell more.

I stopped working with large companies because of the hassle it became.  Even if you buy a 12-month bundle, if you are un-happy, we separate and any advanced fees are returned.  

We strongly recommend you use HubSpot.  HubSpot is a really powerful CRM but it is also highly automated.  But the big piece is that the tracking code can help you track customer intent and score prospects on your file as well as build audiences for ads.  We recommend at least the free version.  The Starter Bundle is only $600 a year and very powerful.

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How We Develop Content

Content production begins with you, your ideal customer, and a collaborative research process.  It's what you think you know, what you actually know, and what is real.  Let's get to work on designing a content production strategy to drive Demand Intent for your business.