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Activity Based Sales CRM

What is Pipedrive?

Pipedrive is a fully-featured Sales CRM management platform.  It is one of the most cost-effective platforms on the market and enables sales teams to track activities and receive prompts on next steps from contact to close. 

Activity Based selling is enhanced by a rich automation platform that can automate deal stage movement, tasks, contact assignments and much more.  Pipedrive has an unlimited number of contacts and includes a prospecting database that allows users to work cold leads into the CRM platform.

Pipedrive is our platform of choice for sales-driven organizations like realtors, insurance brokers and management consultants.

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What are the Benefits of Using Pipedrive?

From a feature and cost perspective, Pipedrive Professional is comparable to HubSpot Sales Professional but costs 1/3 of HubSpot for 5 business users.  HubSpot Sales Professional is $500/month with 3 users and adding in 2 more moves it to $600/month and $7200 a year.  Pipedrive, for 5 Professional users is $300/month and $3600/year and with unlimited contacts in Pipedrive and $18/M for contacts in HubSpot – Pipedrive is a clear winner. 

TBG Marketing offers full y manage features, pipeline management and design, configuration and training for sales and marketing professionals in Pipedrive.  Pipedrive is also easily managed with their party Marketing Automation Platforms like Autopilot and ActiveCampaign.

Here are some of the features of Pipedrive.

Customizable People

  • Activity Dashboard
  • Smart Contact Data
  • Contact Timelines
  • Quick Actions
  • Customizable Activity Types
  • Customizable e-Mail Templates
  • SMS and Call Tracking
  • e-Mail Tracking and Logging
  •  MutliSelect Data Fields
  • Optin Tracking
  • Connected People
  • Connected Organizations
  • email Address Type Coding

Customizable Organizations

  • Account Based Management
  • Connect Multiple  Organizations
  • Connect Multiple People
  • Single View of Sales across Connected Organizations
  • Fully Customizable Organization Types
  • Organization Smart Data
  • Activity Tracking at Company level
  • Unlimited Filters and Views
  • Multi-Location Tracking
  • Custom Sort of Fields by User
  • Autocomplete Form Fields
  • Integrated Google Maps

Customizable Deals

  • Automated Pipeline Assignments
  • Automated Sales Stage Management
  • Automated Deal Rotting
  • Automated Deal Scoring
  • Customizable Teams
  • Customizable Team Assignments
  • Product Based Deals
  •  Google Doc Templates
  • Quotes & E-Signatures
  • Customized Properties on Deals
  • Customized Properties on Products
  • Custom Products in Quotes
  • Unlimited Sales Pipelines
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