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In just 4 days, we will show you how, and walk you through, building your own digital marketing platform.  We will help you stand up, design and deliver a WordPress Website for your business.  We help you connect it into the Google EcoSystem with Analytics, Search Console and Ads.  We help you Connect Social Media and Build your Pages and Platform.  Finally, we tie all of your Customer Data together in a single FREE Hubspot CRM Platform.  

  • You will get a crash course in digital marketing including an understanding of CSS and HTML with tools that are point-click, drag-drop. 
  • You will learn how the Google EcoSystem helps you monitor your site, your visitors and conversions to customers. 
  • You will learn how to build an engagement platform in Social Media that drives a sales funnel for your business. 
  • You will learn how HubSpot CRM (even the FREE version) has exceptional capabilities to pull your entire inbound strategy together in one place – that fits in the palm of your hand with a mobile app.

Word Press

Digital Design & Development including SEO

  • WordPress Design & Development
  • e-Commerce Design & Development
  • Booking/Scheduling Integration
  • On-Site Payment Transactions
  • Fast, Secure, Reliable, Scalable Digital Hosting
  • Mobile Responsive to the smallest detail
  • SEO Enabled and Structured for your Business
  • Content maintenance and updates
  • Customer Tracking, Capture and Conversion


Integrated Google Ecosystem

  • Custom Google Analytics Installation
  • Custom DOM Tracking with Tag Manager
  • Custom Digital Ad Design & Management
  • Custom Ad Conversion Tracking and Installation
  • Google Adsense Installation to Monetize your Site
  • Google Search Console to track site performance and keywords
  • Google Optimize for A/B Testing and Performance Enhancement
  • Google Speed-test and Mobility Monitoring

Social Media Marketing

Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. LinkedIN. Pinterest.

  • Branded Content Design & Development
  • Insertion Management & Listening
  • Customer Link Tracking and Development
  • SEO Category & Tag Management
  • Social Media Reporting and Insights
  • Integrated Communications into SMM Platform
  • Content Pillars and Traffic Analysis
  • Cross-Platform Posting and Monitoring


HubSpot Customer Relationship Management

  • Free HubSpot CRM Installation & Configuration
  • Integration to WordPress User Registration
  • Integration to e-Commerce Platform
  • Customized Sales Pipeline Stages
  • Custom Fields for Customer Tracking
  • Integrated Scheduling Applications
  • G-Mail, MS Office e-Mail Tracking Integration
  • Integrated Customer Inbox and Ticketing

Anyone Can Build a Website - Why Would You?

Register today - and build a marketing platform

4-day 2 hour/day LIVE Webinar Workshop.  Pick an Event Date and Register today – just $99/Attendee/Event


As a Growth Marketing Agency, we have seen that TBG Marketing focuses first on our business and second on the tools and technology.  Growth Marketing is about Acquiring Customers, Growing Existing Customers and Retaining Customers.   TBG Marketing looks at how we price, how we serve customers, how we book, how the studio works, the experience the customers get and the various avenues for growth.  A recording studio records music, but an audio studio records music, voice-overs, podcasts and more.  With a fresh perspective and the application of a new, faster, mobile responsive site, our business is growing faster than we ever anticipated.  SEO got us to page one; growth marketing is taking us to new markets and services.  Through a pandemic and multiple quarantines, we are on a trajectory that makes us feel confident we are on the right track.

Rizo M

The Dreamcatchers Recording Studio


I can absolutely show you how to use TicketSpice to create event registrations, connect it to your Stripe or Square account and put money in the bank by hosting workshops on-line, Live or pre-recorded.  Sign up today!

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