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Multi CRM Prospecting, Nurturing and Converting

Virtually all CRM applications shun prospects on their files and require you to certify that your contact records are all 100% opt-in.  This strict interpretation of CAN SPAMM fits the narrative of inbound marketing.  But the reality is that outbound marketing and sales is still effective and need to be connected to core CRM and your Growth Marketing initiative.  Enter Klenty.

What is Klenty?

Klenty is a Sales Engagement platform that enables you to manage prospecting and sales nurturing with marketing and sales automation tools.

Klenty supports all of the major CRM players: Freshales, Salesforce, HubSpot, PipeDrive and Zoho CRM.  Contacts in Klenty are nurtured in the application and the information is then connected to the CRM platform once the Prospect is converted as a Lead.  This can occur as early as the Prospect responding and engaging in an email.

Klenty uses sales cadences to begin contacting prospects and has call recording integrated to the platform.  All of the sales activities and emails are captured through your email account and then synced to your CRM.

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How does Klenty Work?

Klenty integrations start with your Inbox solution provider.  They integrate with GSuite, GMail, Exchange and Outlook.  The solution uses Custom Domain tracking for outbound email to manage SPAM complaints and typically has a limited number of outbound emails permitted per day.

Klenty then layers in cadences, templates, snippets and rapid response tools as well as personalization tokens.  Outbound emails can be made in “bulk” and personalized at the same time.  

Klenty also integrates outbound calling and tracks calling to contacts as well as emails and activities.  All of these sales engagement metrics are tracked by user to look at behaviors and understand what tools are working best.

Klenty also offers an integration to LinkedIN that allows you to select a Lead from LinkedIN and since them into Klenty for enhancement and sales development.

Once a prospect converts to a Lead, they sync back into the core CRM and are processed with marketing and sales automation to reach level of qualification to convert the lead to a customer.

What are Some of the Benefits of Klenty?

Sales Engagement

  • Calendar sync for scheduling
  • e-Mail Inbox sync for communication
  • Calling credits for outbound tracking
  • Task and Notes for updating prospects
  • Reporting and Cadence Analytics

Sales Prospecting

  • LinkedIn Lead Integration
  • Custom Fields for attribute collection
  • Integration to Core CRM
  • E-Mail throttling and varying intervals to avoid SPAM
  • Customer e-mail sending domains to avoid blacklisting

What Can My Team Expect?

Inbound marketing is simply not enough to win the market.  While you are waiting for customers to come to you, the market goes to the people who go and earn it.  Outbound sales and marketing in a digital environment requires a lighter touch and the use of other channels to begin introductions (e.g. direct mail) and to create DEMAND versus leads.

Sales Insights

Klenty records the efficacy of outbound email templates, snippets, and calls and identifies best times, soft bounces, out of office replies, all that give insight into follow up efforts.

Easy Outbound E-Mails

Outbound email marketing can be a great tool and an overused crutch.  Klenty helps manage both ensuing delivery and using throttling and variable timing to prevent SPAM.

Sales and Marketing Alignment

Klenty helps sales and marketing create a tighter relationship.  Common knowledge of the efficacy of content, calls, meetings, and customers yields a culture of growth.

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