Incremental Growth > Steady State Growth

If you want better results, you need a better methodology.  Incremental Analytics evaluate marketing campaign performance BEYOND your steady state growth.  It’s a powerful solution to look at lift, compare multiple offers, creatives and programs across segmentation.  

Build a better model and you will get more reliable results.

Elevate your marketing strategies and tactics
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Cannibalization Dispels the Myth of "Shifting Sales"

Every marketer has been accused of “shifting sales around”.  And incremental model using cannibalization silences the critics.

Segmentation can be as simple as a quintile or decile model and that insight provides opportunities to drive incremental performance.

But if you don’t know where to look, then you have a hard time starting.  Our customer portfolio management is the starting point and the launch pad for incremental analytics.  

Let the customers speak to you through their buying behaviors.  No more seeing what you want to see.  See how they buy and what they buy and the path to growth appears.

Tracking Migration is an interactive tool with drill down insights and the ability to select customers for up-sell and cross-sell campaigns.  Extend customer relationships by increasing the depths of categories they shop and buy and understand the price points the customers respond to and how to improve basket behaviors.

A disciplined Approach with Test and Controls

Lift, shift, retain. are you actually moving the needle?

Validate your Results with Simulations

A Monte Carlo Simulation is a Statistical Methodology to use the Standard Deviations on multiple output variables in your campaign to produce a RANGE of performance rather than an exact number.  And that range comes at a 95% confidence level.  No more questioning your methodology when you provide statistical rigor to validate your efforts. 

Incremental Methodology is Primed for Simulation

The incremental methodology has several key variables:

  • response rate
  • net of returns sales/customer
  • average order value
  • average unit retail
  • net or returns sales/responder

All of these measures contribute to the incremental performance of a campaign.  And they are measured mailed vs. control so the lift is captured. 

Simulating variance in each segment compared to the control segment allows you to create a range of lift that delivers a range of performance for the campaign.

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