Is Your Business Ready for Accelerated Growth?

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Accelerated Growth Marketing Requires Culture, Strategy, Leadership and a Coordinated Focus on Winning and Keeping Customers.
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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]While there is no widely agreed to metric for what “accelerated growth” actually is, a reasonable definition is growing
in a vertical market at 2x+ the average growth rate in the vertical. Accelerated Growth is a business strategy to outpace the competition either through a superior product offering, first mover advantage or aggressive pricing to acquire market position. Accelerated Growth is exciting, it’s compelling and the current buzz term – but is it right for your business?

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Accelerated Growth Requires Culture, Strategy, Leadership and a Coordinated Focus on Winning and Keeping Customers.

Having participated in three different organizations working and growing at an accelerated growth rate, there were several characteristics each business had in common that enabled rapid growth:


Three Tenants for Business Growth: Lift, Shift, Retain

Generally speaking, there are three tenants to growth: Lift, Shift, Retain. Lift is the process of growing existing customers, Shift is the process of Acquiring new customers to “feed the machine” and Retain is the process of stemming attrition so that the hole in the bottom of the bucket is substantially smaller than the opening at the top. So is your business ready for accelerated growth? These are the strategic questions you need to answer:

Is your organization aligned for growth

  1. If there is rancor among departments or a lack of alignment between sales and marketing, your business is not ready.
  2. If accounting, finance or even human resources is not aligned with growth that may excessively reward sales in the short term, your business is not ready.
  3. If the executive team is not engaged in funneling growth by participating and encouraging a winning culture, your business is not ready.
  4. Do you have a superior product or service that fits the accelerated growth model?
  5. Alignment is the first essential tenant of accelerated growth.

Is your business growing revenues faster than losing them?

  1. Businesses with high churn have a structural issue that has to be addressed before attempting accelerated growth. Without addressing attrition, accelerated growth may only accelerate attrition.

Is sales ready for accelerated growth?

  1. How connected is your sales team to the market?
  2. Do certain sales people have vertical specialties, networks or experience that can support value propositions?
  3. Are sales people properly compensated for accelerated growth?
  4. Is the organization prepared for supporting sales recognizing that sales may reap higher short-term compensation gains?
  5. Is sales solely motivated by money or does sales have a blend of compensation and the thrill of the chase?
  6. Are sales people capable of leading the organization and building alliances internally to support their outreach?

Are you, the leader of the business, ready for accelerated growth?

  1. As a senior executive, your sales people may “out shine” you in the market.
  2. As the ranking senior executive, are you prepared to leverage your personal brand and reputation to drive the business forward?
  3. Are you prepared to align the organization, even if it requires some change, in order to focus the culture on winning customers, new and existing, and working collaboratively to drive business performance?

Are you Compensating for Growth?

  1. Private businesses often compensate sales with cash and benefits.
  2. Private companies with equity available compensate both sales and support staff with equity positions to focus the organization on customer growth on multiple levels.
  3. Compensation is a critical component to growth and successful growth organizations include all employees in the compensation plan aligned to growth.


A Fully Aligned Business Structure and Culture is Key to Success

Aligning your business and business leaders, building a culture of winning customers and keeping them and compensating the entire organization for growth is the best business strategy for preparing for accelerated growth. We welcome your comments and feedback on your thoughts and experiences with accelerated growth and growth marketing.   This is the first of a series of posts on Accelerated Growth where we share with you strategies and tactics to achieve rapid growth in markets.  You can find our presentation on SlideShare or listen into our Accelerated Growth Webinar.

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By Christopher (Chris)

Christopher (Chris) Daly is the founder and president of TBG Marketing, a digital marketing consultancy and growth marketing agency in Columbus, Ohio. Chris is a 30 year veteran of database, direct and digital marketing working with iconic brands like Frontgate, Victoria's Secret, GNC, Bill Me Later, PayPal and 2CO. Chris lives in Columbus, Ohio and is a graduate of THE Ohio State University.