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Google Display Remarketing | Recapturing High Value Customers

Google Remarketing is one of the hottest tools in marketing automation today. Tracking customers on pages and then inserting them into the Google Display Network to recapture them for conversion is both cost effective and highly lucrative. Here are 8 ways to make remarketing work for your business.
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Google Display Remarketing

Recapturing High Quality Leads with High Quality Ads using Google Remarketing

Google Remarketing is one of the hottest tools in marketing automation today. Tracking customers on pages and then inserting them into the Google Display Network to recapture them for conversion is both cost effective and highly lucrative. Here are 8 ways to make remarketing work for your business.

Build a High Quality Digital Ad

Google uses a quality score for digital ads that helps them place them in search and Display.  There are 5 main factors involved in the quality score:
  1. Click Through Rate – know your click through rate – it’s important to Google and you
  2. Keyword Relevance to Ad Group – keywords must be near the top of the Adgroup
  3. Landing Page Quality and Relevance – the page is dedicated to the keywords only
  4. Relevant Ad Text – put a clear CTA in your ad and make the text exactly what the customer is looking for
  5. Historical Adwords Performance – spend a minimum of $1000 a year to get comfortable with Google ads and build the strength or your ads

You can check your digital ad quality score with Google by going into your Google Ads account and selecting Tools > Planning > Ad Preview and Diagnosis

Make the Ad Visually Appealing

You know why you take all those pictures of your amazing work with a high quality camera??? To make your display Ads visually compelling – which Ad would you click on??  Display ads have the benefit of using branded images the inspire or educate or persuade a customer to return and complete an interaction.  Beyond CPC, remarketing is about specific messaging to specific customers with specific interests to help you optimize your spend and build high value customers.  At specific spend volumes and experience with Google Display, you can add HTML5 interactive ads into the network and actually interact with the customer through the network to get them to convert.  Build better ads and know what makes your customer tick.

Understand the Customer Funnel

Remarketing is a cost effective means for acquiring leads, it often costs more than 50% less than CPC because your ads are not competing for search position but position in display. Do not target everyone in your funnel, you will find that visitors who have never qualified as a lead may very quickly cost you money trying to get an email out of them using Display ads. Focus the remarketing efforts on known Leads and those that are warm or consuming a content funnel that you know leads to better customers and get them to become marketing qualified leads.

Make the CTA Clear it should shout “I want your business”

Just as noted in the quality section, making your Call To Action as clear as possible makes your remarketing effort more appealing.  You can test multiple Ads in remarketing and we STRONGLY recommend you test the heck out of them.  Check out these CTA’s – which would you click?

Build A Beautiful Deck | Start Now  | Learn More | Get Your Backyard Oasis
Remember that the CTA on the Display ad can be anything you want because the ad is an image.  Once you begin building more Ads with Google Display, you will be able to put in Dynamic HTML5 ads and create an interactive ad to engage customers.

Use the Tracking and Page Links in Ads

Use a Digital Ads Checklist every time you build your ads and ensure you are using the standard Google Ad URL” account, campaign, ad group, keyword, sitelink level. Google also offers parallel tracking that allows you to track ValueTrack parameters like device and network and Custom parameters like campaign or product. Your url might look like this: http://xyzpainters.com?device={device}. Your tracking url can be defined at an account, campaign or adgroup level and be reused without the ads being reviewed. If you extend the tracking url to keyword or sitelink level then Google may review the ads resulting in a short delay. Either way – tracking the customer in your Display ad is critical to the success of remarketing.

Use Google Analytics and Tag Manager

Both Google Analytics and Tag Manager should be used in Remarketing. Google Analytics tracks statistics about your website – users, pages, time on site, site speed, content, geography, demographics, geographics, audience behaviors and campaigns. Google Tag Manager helps control all of the tagging on your site including Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Events and other tools like Google Ads Conversion Tag, Google Ads Remarketing Tag, Facebook Pixel Code, Crazyegg Tracking Code, Inspectlet Tracking Code, Heap Analytics, Hubspot and other javascript tools for tracking on your website. GA and GTM are a dynamic duo that can help you fine tune your Remarketing campaigns.

Rank Your Content for Remarketing

Not all content is created equally and your GA information will show you which pages get the most content, what blog content gets the most views and what content gets the most downloads. Look at your conversion paths in GA and understand the relative importance of content to getting customers to convert.  Ranking your content to prioritize when to remarket a customer will keep you from remarketing off of home (where everybody lands) and keep you focused on content that people consume to use your brand.

If you are an ecommerce marketer you are very much aware of using email marketing to recapture abandoned shopping carts.  As a medium, email marketing is the most cost effective method for remarketing potentially costing as little as $.01 to recapture a $75 sale. If you do not have a shopping cart, you may still be able to remarket your checkout process or pages with email marketing.  To do so, you must know the lead (e.g. have their email) and collect the user information on your site that they were in fact there and looked at content.  Tools like MailChimp, AutopilotHQ, Marketo , Pardot, HubSpot and ActiveCampaign all have tracking code that identifies customers on page and then can send them and email if they are not updated as having downloads content or completed a sign-up form.  e-mail

Remarketing is a powerful tool for remarketing to existing customers for cross-sell up-sell but again, pay attention to the page – remarketing to a customer who is on a “Contact Us” page is not going to drive conversion and new business.

Now you have a primer on Remarketing and how it can grow your business.  Remarketing is one of the most powerful tools in marketing automation toolkit.   Build quality ads, make sure the CTA is clear and actionable and engaging, don’t forget to track the ads and use Google Analytics and Tag Manager to help build your audiences.  Remember not all content is created equally and some content is more indicative of a good customer than others.  And don’t forget that in your remarketing, if you are targeting contacts you already know, e-mail marketing can be the most effective means to ask someone for a call or an appointment over a new product or service you offer.  Don’t let your investment in PPC and SEO  go to waste by not including remarketing in your arsenal.