Google Commerce System

Google Analytics

Track users and sessions for your site, build audiences using behaviors and remarket to them in Google Ads.

Google Tag Manager

Track events and actions to update audiences and behaviors for remarketing and profiling.

Google Ads

Acquire customers with targeted digital ads in Search, YouTube, and Display Networks.

Google Search Console

Manage web and application performance and track errors and queries and search appearance to optimize keyword focus and drive Ad and content efficiency.

Google Data Studio

Build dashboards that link CRM, marketing automation, Ads and Search console to manage business and marketing KPI’s and drive superior performance.

What is Google?

Google is a highly integrated search and content delivery ecosystem that connects users to the web and fosters commerce.  Google Ads, Analytics, Tag Manager, Search Console, and Data Studio are popular solutions that enable businesses to track, identify, and engage customers for conversion.  

While there may be additional tools used for tracking, Google Analytics remains the largest resource for continuous tracking and customer behavior analytics on-line.

How does it Work?

Google Analytics begins the process of collecting web-site and mobile application data.  That data may also be collected using Tag Manager and tracking really any interaction in the DOM (Document Object Module) on the web.  GTM data typically flows into Google Analytics

Information from GA can send audience data to Google Ads and develop profiles of customers visiting digital properties.  Lookalike audiences and other behaviors and demographics can be appended to develop relevant, actionable communications.

Search Console feed tracking information into Google Analytics and keywords used in a search to show and convert users to digital properties.

Google Data Studio connects all of the properties together for dashboard management and analytics.

What are some of the Benefits of the Google Ecosystem?

The Google Ecosystem is the standard digital tracking, advertising and content platform on the planet.  It’s sophisticated algorithms work tirelessly to give customers the information they want when they engage on the platform.  This keeps marketers busy with updating content and data structures and site performance to ensure sites perform well in search and attract the right customers.

User Behavior Analysis & Marketing

  • Basic user behavior tracking including content usage
  • Return and New Visitor tracking
  • Device usage and experience management
  • GeoDemogrpahic Data Enhancements
  • Audience Development Remarketing
  • Goal Tracking for Targeted Behaviors of Buyers
  • e-Commerce Transaction TrackingUser Valuation and Estimates
  • Digital Ads and Search Performance
  • Conversion Tracking and Analytics

Site Performance Management & Optimization

  • Page speed, usage analytics, and performance improvements
  • Technology usage and device channels for optimizations
  • Content consumption and keyword search linking
  • Site size and bandwidth utilization
  • User experience tracking and event conversions
  • Time on-page and onsite analytics and reporting
  • Optimization campaigns and testing results
  • Benchmarking to compare site performance to similar sites
  • User flow through site from entrance to exit page

What Can My Team Expect?

TBG Marketing manages the entire eco-system on behalf of our clients enabling you to focus on marketing and sales while we stabilize and analyze performance.  Our Intensive Sprints include overviews of site and content performance, user personas connected to growing behavior and conversion paths through the site and how to improve them.  The Google Ecosystem also provides continuity.  While many CRM and LeadTracking systems provide customer tracking data, if those systems change, the Google Ecosystem remains the authority on user acquisition, behavior and conversion.

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