Retail Customer Analytics

Leverage The Power of First Party Data

Ever See Your Customers like This?

Nothing will drive business growth faster than your first party data. Understanding the customer portfolios and how to market to them and grow them is job ONE.

  • Revenue density
  • Brand Duration
  • Income Ranges
  • Age Bands
  • Brand Depth
  • Occupations
  • Educational Attainment
  • Attrition Rates
  • Discount Utilization
  • Market Basket Composition
  • Category Penetration


Your first party data enables mass customization and personalization, product development, inventory management and forecasting, revenue and profit analytics and so much more.

The tool you have been looking for is right in front of you – your own data.

Retail Complexity Leads to A Lot of Questions

Let us Get the Answers for You

Multi-channel retail is hard work.  Balancing offers, customers, integrating on and off line systems and giving the customer the best experience.

And the only way to do this effectively and profitably is with supportive customer analytics. Whether you are moving customers to new channels or mining customer portfolios within channels, the right insights can help you deliver the right offer at the right time to the right customer to drive conversion.

Customer Portfolio Management is the foundation of customer analytics for multi-channel, single channel, retail and e-tail merchants.  CPM gives the insights on value creation, value destruction, and the stable base of customers.  And that one view triggers more than a hundred different things you can look at.

Customer Analytics to Fuel Your Growth

We offer a selection of 40 different analyses that help you quickly segment your customers, select them into a campaign or score them and send them to CRM or a marketing automation platform.  Whether drilling down into campaign results or assessing the impact of marketing on category growth, store growth or channel growth, we have a robust toolkit that can deliver the insights in rapid succession.


Customer Personas Drive Customer Engagement

Behavioral driven customer personas inform the marketing team and other members of the organization of the types of customers who deliver value for the brand and HOW and WHY they do it.  Persona Marketing is about messaging and relevance in marketing, not forecasting and predicting.  But when you index Personas into Customer Portfolio Management, the patterns of buying and the pattern makers become crystal clear.

Detailed Cluster Profiles

The Sportsman v the Enthusiast – similar Annual spend but very different buying behaviors and lifestyles.  Understanding the motivations and purpose for each leads to more relevant and actionable messaging and offer strategies that leads to conversion.

Behavioral DimensionSportsmanEnthusiast
Annual Spend$1,627$1,237
Annual Trips7.203.60
Average Daily Sale (ADS)$226$344
Annual Discounts$364$241
Discount Rate22.4%19.5%
Current Year Spend Lift32.0%18.0%
Units per Transaction6.809.80
Frequency of Trips (Days)50.69101.39
Lifetime Spend$7,972$6,061
Lifetime Trips3317
Lifetime Discounts$1,673$1,110
Lifetime ADS$241$366
Brand Entry Date4/12/20163/18/2016
Life Sales/Brand Duration$1,411$1,060
Annual Budget$3,400$2,900
Share of Wallet0.480.43
Active PLCC Cardholders0.840.65

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