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The Dreamcatchers* Recording Studio - SEO Marketing

Our Clients have a vision and even Microbusinesses can benefit from our professional services.  The Dreamcatchers* Recording Studio has a vision to become the premier Recording and Production Studio in Columbus, Ohio.  Everyone starts somewhere – they chose to start with TBG Marketing.

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The Dreamcatchers* Recording & Production Studio


How The Dreamcatchers* Recording & Production Studio took their passion for music to new heights with the TBG Marketing Small Business Accelerator


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been a crucial part of being successful on-line.  SEO remains a bit of a mystery to many business owners.  They were told to build a web-site and people will show up.  It’s never quite that easy.  So The Dreamcatchers* Recording & Production Studio launched their online presence on a “build it yourself” platform.  But the results were not quite what they wanted and the phrase “SEO” kept coming to mind.

The Dreamcatchers* Recording & Production Studio is the brainchild of two childhood friends with an intense interest in the music industry and the drive to build a black-owned studio in Columbus, Ohio.  But the tools they used did not provide the information and traffic they were looking for so they went looking for help.

TDRS had  a simple goal of getting to Page 1 of search.  They knew if they could be found, then the business had a chance of being something special.  So with that goal in mind, they came to TBG Marketing looking for a boost. Their passion for music, their knowledge and experience in the industry and a little ace up their sleeve of astonishing photography helped us build a plan to get to number one.

“As a Growth Marketing Agency, we have seen that TBG Marketing focuses first on our business and second on the tools and technology.  Growth Marketing is about Acquiring Customers, Growing Existing Customers and Retaining Customers.   TBG Marketing looks at how we price, how we serve customers, how we book, how the studio works, the experience the customers get and the various avenues for growth.  A recording studio records music, but an audio studio records music, voice-overs, podcasts and more.  With a fresh perspective and the application of a new, faster, mobile responsive site, our business is growing faster than we ever anticipated.  SEO got us to page one; growth marketing is taking us to new markets and services.  Through a pandemic and multiple quarantines, we are on a trajectory that makes us feel confident we are on the right track.”

~Rizo M., Founder
The Dreamcatchers* Recording & Production Studio


  • Competitive Research.  The first step was to research competitive sites in the market and identify keyword strategies to attract the correct audience.  We settled on a long-tail combination as the keyword set to own.
  • Web Design & Development.  SEO requires your site to be tagged, structured and fast.  It should be easy to use, particularly for mobile users.  We built an initial site and updated again 9 months later.
  • Content Marketing.  Search Engines search for content.  We structured the content around long-tail keywords, added content for users to understand how to book the studio, how to prepare for the studio and how to understand the language of the studio.
  • e-Commerce Enablement.  We added e-commerce to deliver the plans, products and services and increase keyword utilization on site and supplement the scheduling application.  Conversion is all on site.


  • #1

    4 Months after launch, TDRS moved to the first page in search for the keyword set selected.

  • 1000+

    Over 1,000 new Users in 90 days. The site went from substantial zero users to over 1,000 on a rolling 90 day basis.

  • 42%

    A 42% increase in booked studio services and 26% increase in conversion rate.


Success in the digital space requires Structure, Content and Speed.  Mobile friendly websites convert higher than non-mobile friendly web-sites.

Competitive research will get you a start.  Since launching, competitors noticed their drop in rankings and are working back.  Growth Marketing is an on-going commitment.

The entire digital ecosystem from site design, to customer tracking, offers, and strategy are important.  Measured, continuous growth requires planning and discipline and a focus on serving customers.