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Marketing 101: Permission to Grow

Permission to Grow in marketing is driven by the mastery of your craft, the success of your programs, and your ability to align marketing to company metrics. Mastery, Success, Alignment – without all three – your passion will not be enough to carry you to elite performance.


The Case for Chat Lead Qualification

Marketing Qualified Leads are an essential component to a successful and profitable sales pipeline.  The qualification process often uses marketing automation with e-mail nurturing and DRIP campaigns to build customer profiles and understand customer needs, wants, ability and timing of buying.  Now let’s take a look at the emergence of Chat for marketing qualification.

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Marketing Tools of Enablement for Accelerated Growth

Accelerated Growth has a bevy of tools that can be used to enable your efforts but they all require strategy and planning and quite a bit of coordination to execute. Marketing, Sales, Finance and Executive often play the key roles in deploying tools of enablement to drive Accelerated Growth, at TBG Marketing, we talk about the following methods that we have used or seen used effectively.

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Managing the Sales Pipeline for Accelerated Growth

Accelerated Growth requires the organization to shorten the sales cycle and improve the profitability of sales efforts by having marketing automate the processes of identifying and qualifying leads before delivering them to sales. Cold calling works – and it is the most expensive means of selling. Drive higher revenues and profits with superior Sales Pipeline Management driven by marketing automation.

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Does Pricing Really Matter?

Pricing is a key function in the value equation, Value = fn(price / sum (service + quality + access)).  To create value, companies build products and services and wrap them around the product.  Consumers create value by subconsciously assessing the price being asked for the perceived quality, and perceived service and perceived access.

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Enterprise Data Warehouses, Are You Winning or Losing?

The biggest impact on marketing over the last 15 years has been the proliferation of data among new sources like digital and mobile that provide insight into behavior and social activity.  For many companies, the challenge is the integration of databases to optimize understanding of the customer, assess value, target investments, and manage communications on products, prices, services and promotions so that you have the right offer at the right time in the right channel to the right customer. 


TBG Talk | Building e-Books and Digital Literature to Drive Sales

Search Engine Optimization remains one of the core strategies for businesses to attract customers to their web properties. The creation of content like e-books and other digital literature enables business to showcase expertise, product quality, or other brand or service attributes. E-Books and Digital Literature are essential tools for capturing customer data and assessing the difference between Suspect visitors and Prospect visitors and determining if it is time to engage sales in the pipeline process.

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Top 10 Plugins for WordPress

WordPress is the world’s largest content management system, with over 65 million active web-sites, it is the darling of the Web.  If you plan on building your own marketing platform using WordPress here are 10 plugins that are must-haves to make your web-site shine.

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