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Multi CRM Marketing Automation Platform


Autopilot integrates to Salesforce to provide affordable marketing automation solutions.  Integrating and Updating Accounts, Leads, Contacts & Opportunities with behavior data.  Manage Opportunity Stage and integrate digital ad performance with page monitioring.


Autopilot integrates to HubSpot to provide an affordable and flexible marketing automation suite.  e-Mail nurturing with visual journey mapping, integrated digital ads, form captures and site behavior to update Contacts, Organizations and Deals.


Autopilot integrates into Pipedrive to prove a robust marketing automation platform.  Update People, Companies, Deals including site behavior, event data capture, and form submissions.  Integrated digital ads, journey mapping, sales assignments and notes.

What is Autopilot?

Autopilot is a sophisticated marketing automation platform that manages and integrates three core CRM platforms: Salesforce, Pipedrive, and HubSpot.  

Autopilot is Feature rich and has an easy to use front end journey mapping visualization to map customer buying journeys and provide insights into interruptions in journeys, segmentation and targeting, personalized communications and sales team engagements.

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How does Autopilot Work?

Autopilot allows the creation of lists and segments to increase targeting and personalization.  Campaigns that go to educators and management consultants can be sent simultaneously with variable content and personalization in them.  Autopilot supports A/B and multivariate testing and reporting to improve the quality and performance of content.

Autopilot applies tracking code to digital properties and captures contact information on websites and through Journey Mapping, passes information on to update Contacts with site behavior, alert Sales people of re-engaging contacts and even push personalized message to sites to engage a customer with their sales person.

Autopilot can update all properties in the Pipedrive People, Organizations and Deal objects including last activity dates, notes on behaviors, recontact through forms, and prospective deal information based on site behavior.  It can even schedule appointments with sales members and contacts.

Autopilot also supports automation and updates in HubSpot that can be acquired with the HubSpot Professional subscription but at a fraction of the cost.  Autopilot pricing is based on the number of contacts being managed.

What are Some of the Benefits of Autopilot?

Marketing Automation

  • Visual Journey Mapping
  • Third-Party Form Capture
  • Site Tracking
  • e-Mail A/B Testing
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Landing Page Tracking and Capture
  • e-mail send with SendGrid
  • Integration to Drift
  • Integration to Segment
  • Integration to TypeForm
  • MQL Custom Definitions
  • Opt-in Subscription Management

Sales Automation

  • Assign Qualified Leads to Sales
  • Rules-based Lead Assignments
  • Add Notes to Contacts and Deals
  • Score Site Behaviors
  • Migrate Deal Stages
  • Add Contacts to CRM
  • Update Contacts in CRM
  • Update Qualification Criteria
  • Capture Gated Content Downloads
  • Engage with LiveChat
  • Automated LiveChat Assignments
  • Escalate Priority Contacts

Service Automation

  • Automate ticket responses
  • Integrate FreshDesk Knowledgebase
  • Automate Net Promoter Score
  •  Track Service Issues
  • Escalate High-Value Tickets
  • Notify Service Leaders of Issues
  • Track e-Mail Response and Score
  • Track Chat Response and Score
  • Track Contact Response and Score
  • Snippets for Standard Responses
  • Templates for Standard Issues
  • Keyword Mining for Solution Reporting

What Can My Team Expect?

Growth Marketing requires a level or automation in marketing, sales and service that works to optimize the value of user time to improve efficiency, create marketing personas, discover real result in marketing and accelerate growth through sales.  At TBG Marketing, we configure and install Autopilot for clients and also offer a Managed Services option where we operate and run the solution.  Autopilot requires an extensive review of how customers work through your organization in order to map their experiences where it can create value.  We have over 4 years of experience working on the Autopilot platform and it is the platform of choice for Pipedrive CRM installations.

Strategy & Planning

TBGMarketing StrategyPlanning

Extensive planning on what journey’s to automate.  Complex automations can “break” when processes change.  Modular journeys are more flexible and less prone to errors.

Learning & On Boarding

TBGMarketing LearningCurve

Marketing automation can be difficult to build with many variable parts.  We instruct users on simplifying but personalizing during the on-boarding process.

Campaign Execution

TBGMarketing LearningCurve

Some campaigns run for a long period of time.  Others run for short periods.  Autopilot manages both and we structure campaigns to complement rather than compete.

Customer Insights

TBGMarketing CustomerInsights

Autopilot has extensive reporting in the application.  We enhance that with Google Data Studio to give you a more robust overview of your marketing activities.

Content Marketing

TBGMarketing ExecutionAnalysis

Autopilot greatly enhances Content Marketing and we build profiles of customers based on the content they consume including time on page and combinations of pages.

Digital Ads Attribution

TBGMarketing LearningCurve

Autopilot tracks Google & Facebook conversion and tracking pixels and Google Analytics data to measure and attribute contact conversion to advertising spend.

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