Everyone is on a Journey

The turning point for my journey was at Alliance Data where I ran marketing operations for 12 billion dollar retail brands. During that time I built skills in leadership and skills in analyzing and evaluating customer portfolios.  The customer portfolio management strategy allows retailers to see the value destruction in your file, the value creation in your file and the stable base in your file.

Insights like these are uncommon among the 30+ retailers I have worked with.  And so after spending a stint as a CMO for a payments company, I decided to launch TBG Marketing.  My focus here is exclusively on small retail and multichannel retail customers.  I have scaled the tools of billion dollar retailers to be affordable and accessible for you.

And before you ask, no, TBG Marketing is not Tall Bald Guy Marketing – although that has a ring to it.  It’s The Bryden Group, the legal name of the company I started 12 years ago.

So here I am.  I have a virtual team that helps with data manipulation and database development and I run the front end and am back at my roots in marketing operations.

This business is built for retailers by a retailer (yes, I ran a retail business I owned).  We are here to help you build a strong and profitable customer portfolio.  So let’s get to work.