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TBG Marketing is a Certified BigCommerce Partner

BIGCommerce is a leader in the e-commerce SaaS market with affordable, scalable industry-leading technology to enable commerce anywhere on the web.  Growth Marketing looks for new revenue streams and e-commerce is central to deliveringfully customizable e-commerce portals.

What is BIGCommerce

BIGCommerce splashed onto the e-commerce SaaS scene 7 years ago at SXSW and has never looked back.  The platform is one of the most scalable platforms in the world with data centers across the globe and penchant for enterprise applications with 10,000’s of skus.

BIGCommerce offers an industry-leading API platform that is easy to integrate into CRM or other platforms and includes out of the box integrations to eBay, Etsy, Amazon, Google Shopping, and Walmart marketplaces. 

The solution also offers “headless” e-commerce on WordPress platforms with the ability to blend items into Posts and Pages to enable content to drive conversion.  

How does BIG Commerce Work?

BIGCommerce offers a wide array of feature benefits that make e-commerce easier to implement and control.  Whether you are running from the front end BIGCommerce dashboard or back-end ERP, BIGCommerce is loaded with functionality for superior user experiences.

Faceted search enables an Infinite combination of selections to help customers navigate complex catalogs of products.  The hosted solution is at a 99.9995% uptime availability and the redundancy comes with a full suite of security tools the protect the integrity of your site.  The BIGCommerce API looks at all elements of a product as a variant – this means fewer API calls and faster load times. 

The BIGCommerce design tool, Page Builder, enables detailed page by page controls and customization of products and their look and feel and interactive elements. 

BIGCommerce also has a huge eco-system in their app market that enables affiliate programs, alternative payments, integrations to common ERP’s and much more.

What are Some of the Benefits of BIGCommerce?

Headless Commerce

Headless commerce enables you to embed e-commerce items and categories into the content on your WordPress website to increase SEO value around pivotal items.

  • Embedded products
  • Custom Cat/Subcat anding pages
  • Educate consumers on complex items
  • Sell using stories, video and supplemental content
  • Excellent for digital products

App Market

  • Multiple ERP native integrations
  •  Large theme market to start fast
  • Enhanced shipping management
  • Enhanced tax management
  • Custom feature applications
    • Digital downloads
    • Custom items
    • Composite items
    • Faceted Search
    • Inventory management
    • Gift Cards

Marketplace Integrations

Enabling customers to access your products anywhere helps drive conversion and ROA.

  • Native integration to Etsy
  • Native integration to Amazon
  • Native integration to Google Shopping
  • Native integration to eBay
  • Marketplace integration to WalMart

Marketplaces extend your reach and help you find new customers to support your growth.

What Can My Team Expect?

Growth Marketing includes recurring revenue streams that can provide a floor for your annual revenues.  BIGCommerce can provide a platform for physical and digital products and subscriptions that can power your business forward and extend your brand into the marketplace.  TBG Marketing will help you configure and connect your BIGCommerce platform into your ERP and then design and style the site and help you structure your SEO footprint to improve your performance in search.  We ensure your are connected to the Google eco-system and enable tracking and recovery of lost sales through BIGCommerce abandoned cart tracking.  We also integrate your customer file into CRM for extensive analysis and remarketing efforts.

Corporate Merhandise

The first step is always the plan.  Great Ideas still need a plan to succeed.  We help our clients work through core categories and their target markets to align every product to growth.

Stand Alone e-Commerce

Marketing automation can be difficult to build with many variable parts.  We instruct users on simplifying but personalizing during the on-boarding process.

Full Service Build

Some campaigns run for a long period of time.  Others run for short periods.  Autopilot manages both and we structure campaigns to complement rather than compete.

Full Stack Marketing

Some campaigns run for a long period of time.  Others run for short periods.  Autopilot manages both and we structure campaigns to complement rather than compete.

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